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Text Responses

Whether it is a Text Message, Email or a Social Media Comment/DM, Bling AI can learn & respond back just like how you would do.

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Automatic Call Answering

Our team will set up a personalized human-like AI trained specifically for your business to have a fluent Natural Conversation with your customers, Answer FAQs and Book Appointments.

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Organize and Label Conversations

Our AI is designed to create every conversation into a task so that you & your team is always on top of it and can maximize your returns on every conversation whether it is Revenue Increase or Retention.

It just works  24X7  for your  Business!

Text Based Responses

Blazingly fast & personalized responses based on the contextual understanding of a conversation and your business.

bling Autotext Responder
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Human-like Call Answering

Intelligent call answering to delight your customers, answer FAQs and book appointments.

Task Creation

Automated task creation based on every conversation across all the channels to help you with Revenue Increase and Revenue Retention.

AI ticketing system settings

Use it only when you Need it

You can either go fully auto-pilot or just automate responses only for some of the channels. Bling gives you full control at all times.

AI ticketing system settings
AI ticketing system settings

View Conversations like Tasks

We treat every conversation like a task for you so that you don’t miss out on any customer communication.

Used by the world’s most innovative teams


“Wellabe provides solutions to help customers protect their health & financial well-being. Bling AI has helped my team to significantly improve our customer experience. Their AI is powerful, hyper-personalized and as a result has helped us convert more conversations across multiple channels into customers. We use Bling AI when our customers try to reach us out for general enquiry or appointment booking. It frees up my team’s time to do actual consultation and provide the right solution for our customers leading to a 30% increase in revenue since we started using it. I love it.”




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“Inspira Education provides college admission consultation services to students across the world. As a fast growing start up, we were always severely lagging behind on all our customer communication whether it is related to general enquiry, support or feedback across multiple channels. Implementing Bling AI for all our customer communication is one of the best decisions we have made - it just keeps the entire communication including calls on our 1800 number on Auto-Pilot 24X7. Since its implementation, we have seen a massive increase in our CSAT score and revenue retention. We are very happy and will continue to invest in it”

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“Laundr provides on demand laundry service across multiple locations. We need tools that can help our partner-facing teams efficiently communicate with our customers & partners across several cities. I am glad that we picked Bling as our helpdesk solution - it is super easy to use, customizable. I would 100% recommend it to any large size team.”




Convert more leads into prospects with bling ai logo Assisted Sales Dialer

bling sales dialer

Bling AI Sales Assistant

We will personally work with you to train our AI with your script so that only the leads which qualify as a prospect get connected with your team so that they can focus on closing more sales!

bling sales dialer on boarding

Easy Onboarding

All you need to do is to fill out a form and share basic information about your business. Rest we will take care.

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Bling is the world’s best All in ONE Customer Communication Platform.

With Enterprise Grade Reliability & PCI Compliance

Teams Analytics

Contact Center

Our Contact Center Solution is designed to help your business grow easily and quickly. It's affordable, user-friendly, and scalable.

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Teams Analytics

Sales Dialer

Convert More Leads Into Prospects Faster with Bling’s AI Assisted Sales Dialer.

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Teams Analytics

Smart CRM

Zero headache with Bling CRM. Simple, easy to use & doesn’t need you to join an “academy”!.

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Bling For Teams

Create Multiple Profiles, Add Users, Assign Threads & Scale 🚀!

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Teams Analytics


Automate any task you want, we make it easier for you.

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Teams Analytics

Gmail Integration

Manage all incoming and outgoing Emails from Gmail across all connected applications.

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