Optimize Labor &
Increase Revenue by automating customer communications

Easy to Set Up, Cloud Based & Built for Scale.

Restaurant Phone Systems,VoIP for Restaurants


Phone & digital orders are impacting labor deprived restaurants revenue negatively


Bling helps create balance between digital orders and in person customers by handling all phone calls and creating a new revenue stream via text ordering


What Can You Expect?

More orders, more revenue, quicker. Plus customer happiness increases due to prompt Customer Service interactions.

  • All phone orders handled by Bling. Including questions like hours of operation, order status, location, specials and more.
  • Average ticket increase of $3.00, bling systematically offers upsells of your choice on every single interaction.
  • Customers are never placed on hold and restaurants never miss a phone call.
  • Text ordering allows another way for customers to easily and quickly place orders at your restaurants.
Bling Online Ordering Platform

How It Works:

Bling studies your natural call flow to understand processes in store and mirrors the current customer experience.

Phone lines are forwarded to the bling system where orders are then handled by one of our virtual agents.

Orders are then injected into your native systems (via Online Ordering Platform or POS System).

Customers receive a confirmation text with their digital order receipt.

Bling Online Ordering Platform

Corporate, franchisees, Managers will have a digital interface allowing them to see real time orders coming into to their stores in one easy to use application.

Customers have the ability to opt-in to texts for feature deals and coupons. Imagine a slow tuesday evening, a text can go out to those who have opted in offering a discount, etc.

Marketing materials for your to-go orders inside bags, attached with a pizza boxes, etc.

Customer can easily reply to their digital receipt to order again.

Bling call history dasboard

Our Pricing

  • Flat fee not a % unlike some other brands that are taking a bigger chunk from bigger orders.
  • Plus monthly base pricing for the software (a la carte).
  • Plus free Solutions engineering per brand.
Bling Online Ordering Platform pricing image