Frequently Asked Questions

What all integrations does Bling support with other applications?

Bling currently supports Facebook and Instagram integrations. This means, Bling can easily retrieve all the post comments, ad comments and messenger messages for you from your business account and can also allow you to respond to them from Bling.

We are working on several other integrations such as Google Business Page, Yelp, LinkedIn etc. and will be launching them in our upcoming product versions.

Can I give access to my team members to jointly manage our Bling Profile?

As of the moment, we provide only a single user access. This means, you can share the credentials of your account within your trusted network. Our next version release will have a capability for you to add multiple users to your Bling Profile.

How does Bling use my Gmail data?

Bling doesn’t sell your information to any third party and it uses it strictly for your product experience. Any information received using Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements. Bling will only ask for the Read, Write, Delete & Filter on Labels Access to your Gmail Service. For more information, you can refer to our Privacy Policy.

Does Bling retain my Social Media Data?

Nope ! NEVER ! We pull the data from your social media accounts only when you are logged into our platform. This means when you log off from your Bling Account, all your data is automatically removed. We strictly adhere to our Privacy Policy at all times.

Can I schedule my social media posts using Bling?

We are getting there in our next version release ! We really aim to make Bling ONE Place to manage all your Customer Communications.

How does Bling Phone Application work?

Bling Phone Application is VOIP based. It is very simple to use and feels just like dialing or receiving a call from a regular phone. The best part is, as a user you can generate a phone number based on your area code.

Does the Bling Phone Application have any limit on the number of calls or minutes used?

NOPE ! You can use it as much as you want :)

How do I submit a customer review on Bling?

It is very simple. For every lead or customer captured in your Bling CRM, you would see an option to “Rate the Customer”, just simply choose that option and give the desired rating. Your response would be recorded and submitted in our system against a particular customer’s phone number or email.

Who all can see the customer reviews on Bling?

Only Bling users can see a particular customer review

Customer Reviews are not shown by default to anyone. For a Bling User to see the review of a particular customer, they would have to search for that customer’s phone number or email. If there was a review ever submitted by any Bling user, it would appear in the search result. The review will neither reveal a particular customer’s identity nor the Bling user’s identity. All the reviews are thus always 100% anonymous and visible only when a search is made based on a customer’s phone number or an email.