All your Customer Communication
in ONE Single Place

Manage Phone Calls, Text Messages, Read & Respond Social Media Comments & Messages, Emails, Set Reminders and Integrate them all with a Smart CRM using our All In One Customer Communication Tool that helps you and your team focus on what's important.

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Increase your revenue by 70% & save at least 2 hours every day by managing all your customer communication in ONE single place.

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​businessphone dashboard

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Let's check if Bling supports the platform you use the most.

Where do you chat or talk with your potential customers for your business?

Receive, respond, manage
Easy Social Media
Integrate all your social media pages into one single place and communicate with your prospects or customers by receiving and replying to your Facebook and Instagram post comments, ads comments, and messages.
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Facebook post comments, Facebook ad comments, and Facebook messages
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Instagram post comments, Instagram ad comments, and Instagram messages
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Use Quick Replies to Save Time while communicating with your customers.
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Our Commitment to your Privacy:
Bling doesn’t sell your information to any third party and it uses it strictly for your product experience. Any information received using Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements. Bling will only ask for the Read, Write, Delete & Filter on Labels Access to your Gmail Service. For more information, you can refer to our Privacy Policy.
Fast Gmail
And Boom ! Connect your multiple Gmail Accounts - Read, Respond and Manage all your emails from Bling while letting your Bling CRM automatically register every lead.
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Connect multiple Gmail Accounts
Manage all your emails

No Credit Card Required

Personalized phone number, unlimited calls, unlimited texts
There you go, a business phone too!
Choose Area Code of your choice
Make & Receive Unlimited Phone Calls in the US & Canada
Send & Receive Unlimited Text Message in the US & Canada

Save Time by making Phone Calls with a snap anywhere on your browser.

IVR - Route Calls to the right team member
Auto Text Responder for combating missed calls

Already have a phone number and want to keep it?

No worries, we can transfer it for you ! Just Sign Up and follow these easy steps

Phonepad dashboard
Stay organized, import or export your data,
easily categorize customer information
And all of this is connected to
an integrated and smart CRM!
You can also embed your existing job
scheduling/appointment setting web link into Bling.
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Bling for Teams

Need Bling for multiple team members, locations or just different businesses? You can manage them all at one place as a Super Admin !

You can rate your customers

It's simple, just like how your customers can leave you a rating or a review across various platforms such as Google and Yelp, we want to help Business Owners just like you to leave a rating or a review for your customers too and eventually benefit from it!

All reviews are anonymous and can only be seen if a Bling user has a specific phone number or an email id of a customer to check a review against.

Give Ratings & Help your Business Community

Access Ratings given by other Bling Members

Take a Customer Based Decision

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Based on this interaction, how would you rate this customer?

Thanks for rating this customer!