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ONE beautiful app to bring all your customer communication in ONE place.

Set up your Bling Phone Number in less than 2 minutes

We have made it ridiculously easy -
You can either get a number of your choice/area code or port your existing number to Bling for free.

Calls, SMS and MMS


Never Lose a Single Lead with our inbuilt CRM

All your conversations are automatically saved in our inbuilt CRM with unlimited call recordings, voicemail & text history.

Sync your hubspot with Bling in less than 10 seconds.

Or, connect your existing CRM with Bling using zapier integration


Easily forward calls with our IVR System

Easily set up call forwarding from your Bling number to up to 8 extensions with any number of your choice within or outside Bling.

IVR feature lets you effectively delegate your calls to team members, protects you from robocalls and keeps your personal numbers confidential.


Easily Create a New Contact or Upload your Contacts File

While contacts are automatically added to your inbuilt Bling CRM, you can easily add new contacts or upload a new contact file [CSV].


Save Time with Automations

Send automated text messages based on your rules such as a missed call, voicemail or an update to a custom field.


AI Powered Sales Dialer

Convert more leads into prospects faster with Bling’s AI assisted sales dialer

Bling AI Sales dialer, power dialer, predictive dialer, auto dialer

Plus Awesome Features like Sales Dialer, Business Hours, Voice Drop, Custom Greetings and Much More.

Used by the world’s most
innovative teams


“Wavellon provides premium paddleboards across multiple geographical locations. As an ecommerce business, it was important for me to find a phone system that is modern, easy to use and also fits my bill. I am glad that I came across Bling, it gets the job done.”




elite sweets

“Elite Sweets is an industry leader when it comes to healthy, low carb and delicious donuts. We serve customers across the US and one of the challenges we run into is our customers engaging with us through various platforms. Highly recommended if you are worried about lost sales.”

Elite Sweets


Elite Sweets


“Laundr provides on demand laundry service across multiple locations. We need tools that can help our partner-facing teams efficiently communicate with our customers & partners across several cities. I am glad that we picked Bling as our helpdesk solution - it is super easy to use, customizable. I would 100% recommend it to any large size team.”




Whether you are a Start Up, Small Business or an Enterprise

Bling perfectly works for Teams

With Enterprise Grade Reliability & PCI Compliance

Admin portal

Assign & manage multiple users for your Bling profiles / phone lines.

You can add a user either as an agent or as a supervisor & decide the level of their permission.

Let your Bling Numbers be answered by multiple team members based on your permissions.

Need multiple phone numbers or area codes?

Easily add multiple phone lines/profiles inside your existing account

As a Super Admin you will have access to all Bling profiles inside your account

You can make sophisticated changes to multiple Bling profiles & user permissions with out Admin Panel and can improve agent's performance with advanced analytics, sentiment scores & reporting.

Our expert solutions engineering team can help you integrate you existing software with Bling.

We have an experiance of itegrating several industry specific CRMs such as for real estate, insurance, financial services, restaurants, hotels, e-commerce, logistics, 3PL, leasing companies and much more with Bling.


Bling users have experienced:

Increase In
Hours Saved
Each Week
Increase In Agent’s Performance

Why switch Apps,
when it can all be done inside Bling?

And it takes less than 5 seconds to connect them all with Bling.

Admin portal

Engage with your customers across multiple channels inside Bling and provide a seamless customer experience.

Easily connect Multiple Channels

You can connect Bling to your multiple FB Business Pages, IG Professional Accounts and Gmails in less than 5 seconds, and can read, respond and manage all your conversations from a single inbox.


Convert Conversations into Repeat Customers

Every conversation across any channel is automatically saved inside your Bling CRM, hubspot or any other software using hubspot


Use Quick Replies and Respond Faster

Save your response templates such as website info, appointment link, pricing etc and send them with one click across all the channels.


Merge your Contacts

Based on the email id or phone number, Bling will automatically detect duplicate contacts and will merge their conversation history across all the channels.


Know your Customer’s Sentiment & Block Spam

Our Advanced AI can detect your customer’s sentiment easily for you and can flag negative sentiments in real time across all the channels.

The AI can also help detect Spam Messages and lets you block them permanently.


Explore Bling’s Amazing Features

With Enterprise Grade Reliability & PCI Compliance

Teams Analytics

Bling For Teams

Create Multiple Profiles, Add Users, Assign Threads & Scale 🚀!

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Gmail integration

Gmail Integration

Manage all incoming and outgoing Emails from Gmail across all connected applications.

Learn more


Automate any task you want, we make it easier for you.

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Teams Analytics

Smart CRM

Zero headache with Bling CRM. Simple, easy to use & doesn’t need you to join an “academy”!.

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