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Grow your revenue across every channel of communication!

Choose a phone number that is easy to remember.

Your business phone number serves as your company's business card. Ensure it is memorable, professional, and easy to remember.

You can either get a number of your choice/area code orport your existing numberto Bling for free.


Efficient Call Management with IVR & Live Call Transfer

Customize IVR menus to guide callers to the right destination swiftly, while easily transferring live calls to team members with saved forwarding numbers. Simplify communication and ensure seamless connections for enhanced customer satisfaction.


Merge all your emails and social media pages into our unified inbox

Simplify your communication workflow by managing all incoming and outgoing messages across all connected applications from one unified inbox.


Communicate fast with your customers with

Automate responses effortlessly across all channels—Text Messages, Emails, and Social Media. learns and responds just like you would, ensuring smooth customer interactions.


Convert more leads into prospects faster with our AI Powered Sales Dialer

Gain actionable insights through advanced analytics on every campaign, empowering you to optimize your outreach and convert leads into prospects faster.


WebChat done like a SMS!

Stay connected with your customers wherever they are with our easy to use AI powered SMS based WebChat.

Bling WebChat

Never Lose a Single Lead with our inbuilt CRM

All your conversations are automatically saved in our inbuilt CRM with unlimited call recordings, voicemail & text history.

Sync yourhubspotwith Bling in less than 10 seconds.

Or, connect your existing CRM with Bling usingzapier integration


Setting up an Automation was never this easy

Effortlessly send automated emails and texts to your customers, whether it's a follow-up message, status update notification, booking confirmation, or anything else you need.

Bling WebChat

Bling Ticketing System

Experience a seamless email management solution within a unified interface, enabling your teams to efficiently handle customer inquiries and sales requests.


Setup your Contact Center
in less than 2 minutes

With our affordable, easy to use and scalable all in one customer communication platform.

Manage Multiple Businesses

If you manage multiple clients, businesses and campaigns, you can easily create an individual profile for each one of them inside one main account.


Add And Manage Users

You can easily assign your users to different profiles as an agent or a supervisor, manage their permissions and view their activity such as call recordings etc.


Get Real Time Call Analytics

Track live call statistics, including the number of ongoing calls and available agents, to optimize your operations effectively.


Advanced Call Center Monitoring Features

Enhance agent training and customer interactions with live call monitoring, whispering, and barging capabilities. Supervisors can discreetly provide coaching during calls through whispering, or directly assist agents in real-time with barging.


Used by the world’s most
innovative teams


“Wavellon provides premium paddleboards across multiple geographical locations. As an ecommerce business, it was important for me to find a phone system that is modern, easy to use and also fits my bill. I am glad that I came across Bling, it gets the job done.”




elite sweets

“Elite Sweets is an industry leader when it comes to healthy, low carb and delicious donuts. We serve customers across the US and one of the challenges we run into is our customers engaging with us through various platforms. Highly recommended if you are worried about lost sales.”

Elite Sweets


Elite Sweets


“Laundr provides on demand laundry service across multiple locations. We need tools that can help our partner-facing teams efficiently communicate with our customers & partners across several cities. I am glad that we picked Bling as our helpdesk solution - it is super easy to use, customizable. I would 100% recommend it to any large size team.”




Easily Integrate Bling with 5,000+ apps usingzapier

Create your favorite Zap byClicking here


Explore Bling’s Amazing Features

With Enterprise Grade Reliability & PCI Compliance

Teams Analytics

Bling For Teams

Create Multiple Profiles, Add Users, Assign Threads & Scale 🚀!

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Gmail integration

Gmail Integration

Manage all incoming and outgoing Emails from Gmail across all connected applications.

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Automate any task you want, we make it easier for you.

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Teams Analytics

Smart CRM

Zero headache with Bling CRM. Simple, easy to use & doesn’t need you to join an “academy”!.

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