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Helping the Edtech Industry Help Others Reach their Dreams!

Author: Ellice Dojillo
Date: August 18, 2022

Inspira has made it its mission to help students reach their dream university. Assisting them in their mission of never losing any leads they could help with is Bling. Co-founder and CEO of Inspira, Kamir Kothari talks more about how Bling has helped the business reach great heights.

Kamir Kothari is the co-founder and CEO of Inspira, a company based out in Bay Area, California. As a startup business in the Edtech industry, Inspira has set out on a journey in helping students get into the school of their dreams.

And helping Inspira in achieving their own dream and reaching their highest potential of building strong customer relationships with the youth is Bling. Kamir talks more about how they were able to reach the best organization in business development yet with Bling.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi! My name is Kamir and I’m one of the co-founders of Inspira. We are an Edtech startup based out of the Bay Area in California.

What were some of the challenges you had before using Bling?

We have a digital presence across multiple channels such as webpage, social media, and also an open phone line. Our business leads have generally been coming from multiple pages such as basically Facebook, Instagram, and we also have, like, some incoming text messages too out there. We’re just a team of three people and managing our business development has been very overwhelming.for us, especially managing different communications platforms as well as messaging platforms. And I think even worse is to organize them so we can kind of not miss any of such important leads as we are such a small startup out there. We tried taking notes and spreadsheets and also tried a couple of CRMs to organize all this, but the biggest obstacle was still kind of manually punching in as well as kind of finding all the lead information out there. We did the math one day and realized that during our initial days, we were losing revenues.of about 10,000 to 15,000 per month just because we were not able to keep a tab on all the potential business leads we were getting across different channels.

What differences have you noticed with your business after using Bling?

Bling has been a great, great platform for us when it comes to handling all of our customer communication across multiple channels. When we first started with them, we were literally amazed to see how easy it is to set up all the channels inside Bling. It’s like one platform, one stop shop for everything. Now we’re able to see all of our Facebook, Instagram comments, post comments, Messenger messages – all just within one, single, unified inbox. One of the biggest – I was just surprised when we were setting up a business phone inside Bling. It took us I think 30-45 seconds to get everything done.

I chose a California-based phone number where I could call and text anyone, anywhere right inside Bling. I think Bling has also made using a CRM very, very easy, because the CRM just automatically picks up all the convos across multiple channels and it’s organized those leads in one place. We just did not miss or drop any call out there. After using Bling, I think our lost revenue virtually went down to kind of 0 or negligible out there.

A hundred percent – I think that the easier use has been extremely, extremely – I would say above my expectations. I’ve used many softwares to manage the customer relationships, but what Bling has done – what they’ve built is extremely unique and special, especially in their startup size of their kind of, you know, stage. I think the ease of onboarding is very – kind of, you know — simple. It is really, really topnotch as it is the kind of product functionality to what they have built is really impressive. I think it kind of takes two minutes when it’s to set up everything. Things are very intuitive and navigating around has been not only easy for me, but for all my teammates too.

Tell us one thing which you like the most about Bling?

I love the pricing. Of course as an entrepreneur, it’s another great factor that was in our mind, because if you are looking for similar features that are a comparable feature set – either that happens to multiple subscriptions or pricing is just way, way high. So Bling eliminates the need of going to multiple platforms. Just going to one platform – it’s very convenient in terms of pricing. I feel like for us, using Bling has been like a no-brainer. And I personally feel for any other kind of, you know, small size business owner, it’ll be a similar experience out there. Big fans of what they’re building and kind of love to see what’s next to come on their platform. So yeah, that’s been our experience.

Quite like Kamir, you can allow your business to reach great heights in never losing leads and getting the most out of your potential revenue by using Bling!

Bling is a business-friendly platform equipped with the right tools that are extremely manageable and easy to use such as an auto-populating CRM with Facebook and Instagram integrations With these customer relationship management tools, all your customers’ information from different channels can all be effectively organized and nothing has to be misplaced ever again and you won’t have to miss any message, comment, or any other engagements your customers make with you.

You can also say goodbye to having to use your personal phone for your business ever again as Bling also has a business phone you can personalize with an area code of your choice. Bling’s business phone is also packed with features like an auto-text responder so you won’t have to deal with the problem of missing calls from your customers ever again.

Finally, Bling changes the way the business world works through a never before seen feature. Now, customers aren’t the only ones who’ll have to rate businesses, because, with Bling, businesses can also get the chance to rate their customers in order to make other businesses within the Bling world aware of irresponsible buyers or possible scams.

Yes, with Bling, success and security are just at the tip of your fingers. So what are you waiting for? Join the Bling world and start your 14-day trial now!