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Building customer leads and customer relationships has never been this good and easy before.

Author: Ellice Dojillo
Date: April 25, 2022

Technology has always been there to make our lives better. No one can deny how it has transfigured different fields in the world, from medicine to agriculture. It has now even permeated the world of business, helping business owners find new and effective ways to cope with the changes in society. It’s amazing, isn’t it? But if you thought that technology is pretty much done with advancing, you could never be more wrong. Technology continues to do what it does best: revolutionize the world, and today, it’s doing it in the field of business again through the amazing software that’s guaranteed to change all business owners’ lives like never before! Welcome to the world of Bling!

Bling is a software that’s all about helping business owners reach their full potential. With Bling, your business is guaranteed to perk up in these three different ways!

#1. Your Relationship with Your Customers Screams, “Goals!”

Bling is all for keeping your customers happy. After all, they’re the people who can help make your business possible.

With Bling, you’d be sure to interact with your customers in effective and quick ways as you can be able to find all your customer communication in ONE place.

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You can now say, “Never again,” when it comes to missing your customers’ orders as Bling has an auto-populated CRM where your customer’s information and messages from Facebook and Instagram will automatically show up. Thanks to this, you can now effectively and quickly attend to their orders and needs as you’re constantly and easily updated. And doing this in an incredibly speedy way would result in your customer satisfaction that would eventually convert to heavy customer loyalty. Isn’t that fantastic?

#2. Personal Phones No More, Official Business Phones is Finally a Go.

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Don’t we all know the pain of using one’s personal phone in handling business orders? You also probably know it so well that you also know that if you had a dollar for every time you encountered a problem in terms of security and work-life balance, there’s no doubt that you’d be rich even without the business! The volume of such problems all because of your use of a personal phone has become incredibly heavy that it’s time you finally let it go and let the wind take those problems…

Or even better, you can let Bling take those problems away from you! Join Bling and get assigned a business phone of your choice so you’ll never have to deal with such issues again. You can finally keep your life and data secure while also keeping that well-needed work-life balance you deserve.

#3. Say Goodbye to Red Flags from Customers.

One of the biggest issues when it comes to business is dealing with difficult customers who can scam you. It’s an issue that has especially come into an even brighter light upon the onset of the pandemic. We bet you know that this is a very alarming issue and one of the things you constantly consider and stress about with every customer but still take the risk anyway. Well, you won’t have to sacrifice anymore when you sign up for Bling as Bling has found a solution to this difficult issue.

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Throw away all those red flags in regards to customers and feel safe with the customer rating system that Bling has! Check out your customers’ backgrounds by looking at their ratings from other businesses within the Bling world to check if it’s safe to make a transaction with them. You can also be able to rate them yourself and not worry because the customers won’t be able to see how you rate them.

Create this incredibly safe world with Bling!

And there you have it! The three ways that Bling! can currently make your life and your business better, sparkle, and have more pizazz!

We can guarantee though, of course, that the hustle to make Bling even more awesome hasn’t stopped. We at Bling are always finding even more ways to make all business owners’ lives happier. Tune in for the updates as we continue to expand our world.

Start your 14-day free trial with Bling! to enjoy Bling-ing now!