Frequently Asked Questions

Company Related

We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

It is now almost 2 years since we have been serving business owners like you.

Ohh yes, we are backed by Techstars - JP Morgan and some marquee angel investors in the Silicon Valley. In fact, we are raising our next round of capital very soon.

Phone Number Related

We have built our own phone system. We use Twilio as our backend provider.

Of course, all you need to do is fill out a short number porting form inside your Bling Account and we will take care of it. It takes about 7-10 business days for the porting to be completed. It is also highly advised that you contact your current service provider, gather all the information associated with your phone number such as the Account Number, PIN and Address which is required when you fill out the Porting Request.

Yes, just contact us from your Bling Portal and we will help you with all the information needed.

Yes, we do provide Toll-Free Numbers and some International Numbers mainly for UK & other Western Europe Countries. Once you sign up, please contact us from your Bling portal and we will help you with it.

Yes, we do support it. You would need to complete a 10DLC form associated with your Bling Profile inside your account. Please make sure you provide accurate information there. It takes about 2 weeks for the 10DLC to be approved. By the way, you can still use your Bling Number for both Inbound & Outbound Calling while you are waiting for the 10DLC to be approved.

We can connect with all major brands such as YeaLink, Poly etc. All we need is you to reset your device and provide us some information like MAC ID etc. Our tech team will set it up for you.

Phone Dialing Related

It stays forever !

Unlimited !

Yes absolutely! - when you add users to your account, the calls will come to all the users who are assigned on the account. When someone answers it, the call won't ring for other team members. You can always check the communication history to see who answered the call along with their recording.

Yes certainly ! - As long as all your phone numbers are maintained inside Bling, we can let you select whatever number you want to show as a caller ID. For example, you can add multiple phone lines under your master account and assign permissions to your team members from which number they want to dial out.

Yes, it is at $9.99 per Extension number and customer should have at least 6 lines with us.

Yes absolutely! - Our IVR feature comes with a total of 8 free extensions, you can forward the calls to any number of your choice including your / your team's personal cell phones. However, if you want to track performance and call recordings, we recommend that you add additional Bling Numbers for your team under your master account and then set up IVR with those numbers.

Nope, not at all. We provide unlimited domestic calling with one flat price.

You can easily create different Client Statuses such as Contact Made, Appointment Scheduled, Onboarding Completed etc in the Bling CRM and also add as many custom labels you want for tagging it against a particular phone call, message or just any other conversation.

Yes, we do - it starts at only $30 Per Month as an add-on.

SMS / MMS Related

You can send do unlimited Regular Texting (just like how you would do on your phone). However, if you are looking to do Bulk Texting, please contact us and we will help you unlock it at an additional price starting at $20 per month which really depends on the quota you are looking for.

1. Sending 20 or more "similar" SMS within 15 mins to different contacts.

2. 160 Characters is counted as 1 SMS, so if you send a single message which is more than 160 Characters, let's say - 480 Characters - it would be counted as 3 SMSs.

Bling allows and approves Bulk Texting on a case by case basis. By default, if you try to do bulk texting - our system will automatically block and ask you to Contact Us.

Once you contact us, we will ask for the following information:

What is your use case?
How many SMS per day do you need to send?

On the basis of the information provided, we can enable bulk texting with the quota stated as per the response to #2 above at an additional price.

Yes, we do starting at only $5 per month depending on your quota, which you can add to your plan at any time.

Integrations Related

We provide native integrations which takes less than 3 seconds to connect your:

- FB Business Page

- IG Professional Accounts

- Gmail

- Outlook

You can connect multiple accounts such as multiple emails, FB pages etc.- There is no limit.

Our team is currently working on it as one of our highest priorities, we plan to release it very soon.

Unified Inbox Related

Yes, all you need to do is "Block" a particular message if you don't want to see any future correspondence from that contact. You can see all of your Blocked Messages by choosing the filter and also unblock them at any point of time.

As many as you want. Just go to Social Logins and add your quick replies. You can use your quick replies for all your conversations.

We also provide you saved email templates which you can use to quickly send emails to your customers.

CRM Related

It's Unlimited!

It's Unlimited!

Yes, we provide native integrations with:

- Hubspot.

- Salesforce.

- PipeDrive - To be released very soon in the next few days.

Plus you can connect to any other CRM with Zapier.

Yes, you can create custom automation rules like send a message or an email when the client status is changed inside Bling CRM.

Sales Dialer Related

Regular Sales Dialer lets you make automated calls from your uploaded file or from your contact list in the Bling CRM. When the call is connected, it will ring at your team's end and then they can answer the call. You can add multiple users to your Sales Dialing Campaigns.

AI Sales Dialer is more advanced. Basically, we train a fully conversational human-like AI specific for your business, there is a proper onboarding form for it. What this AI does is when a call gets connected, the AI takes care of the repetitive tasks for your team such as asking qualifying questions - for example, "Are you still interested in moving forward with the loan application you had submitted with us?" - if the lead is qualified, the call is then immediately transferred to one of your team members who is assigned on those campaigns. This saves at least 2-3 mins per connected call for your team so that they can focus on other important stuff. Plus our AI can of course handle all the rejections or harassment which your team otherwise has to go. The AI Can even do an auto disposition of the call as DNC if the caller wants it to be.

Chat AI related

We ask you to fill out responses to 4 general questions about your business inside your Bling account. We encourage you to provide as much information as possible including your company's website link etc. which is used to train our AI specifically for your business. Best part is, our AI continuously learns by itself based on the past conversations it has had.

Best part is, you can use it when you need it just by a single toggle button across your SMS, Emails and Social Media.

Bling WebChat related

It is currently under beta version and we plan to release it very soon for all our customers.

Admin Control & Analytics

If you manage a team, we are happy to offer you our Admin Dashboard that comes with some very powerful analytics, reporting, and also popular features like Call Listening, Whispering, and Barging. There is a separate link for it, and we can provide you that when you upgrade.

There is an additional fee of $30 per month for the Admin Dashboard.

Security Related

Bling is PCI DSS Compliant. In addition to this all our data is fully encrypted.

We are currently working on it and will be getting our compliance approved very soon.

Zapier Integration Link

API / Webhooks

We provide it currently on a case by case basis. If you can let us know your use case, we can try to assist you further.

White labelling and Reselling

Yes, we do - however, it is all approved by our management team. The minimum deal size has to be at least 100 licenses.