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The Ultimate Event Starter Kit: Make Your Event Organizing Business the Most Eventful One Yet

Author: Ellice Dojillo

July 25, 2022

Want to make your event organizing business stand out from the rest? Well, this event starter kit is all you need in order for that to happen!

Congratulations! You’ve finally realized your dream of starting an event organizing business and becoming one of the best event organizers you have ever seen. It’s time to celebrate!

…Or is it really?

Sure, celebrating may sound like the next reasonable step, but before we pop open that champagne bottle, let’s look through the things we have in the ultimate event starter kit – since clearly, we don’t want to deal with any champagne problems in the long run. Won’t it be best for everything to run smoothly? So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to get your hands on once you cut the ribbon and open the doors to your event planning business.

STARTER KIT TOOL #1. A Vehicle that You Can Rightfully Call Yours.
This is the first in our starter kit tool because it’s important to emphasize early on from now that if you’re going to open an event organizing business, you should know that the business itself is going to have to be mobile. After all, you’ll be traveling to destinations that your clients want the event to take place in.

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And sure, you may be asking, “Can’t I just get an Uber?” Well, the thing is, you can, but your life could possibly be difficult because as an event planner, there are a lot of things you’ll need to have with you and as your business grows, the amount of those things may grow as well. So yes, you’ll need your own car, and we think that you’ll be totally convinced that you’ll need one with the next tools we’re going to mention.

STARTER KIT TOOL #2. Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets.
Nowadays, a lot of people believe that you can’t really get around in this world without the proper gadgets. And you know what? That’s incredibly true. With how hi-tech everything is now if you really want your event organizing business to start out great and truly become eventful, you’ll need to get with the times. You’ll need a smartphone, a laptop, a camera, and incredibly speedy WiFi.

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First of all, you’ll need a smartphone since most of your communication with your clients is bound to happen there with all of the calls and texts. Another good reason why smartphones are so important for event planners is that they can be the vessel for making the event you’re planning engaging. For instance, if you’re planning a business event, then you can use a few apps here and there to make engaging polls for the clients or even use them to set the right tone for a few games. Furthermore, there are also apps that smartphones can access which can give you a bird’s eye view of your event plan or give you reminders on what you need to do left for the event that you’re organizing.

As for the laptop, we think that we can all agree that not everything can be done by your smartphone. There are still software that event planners need that can be too complicated for your phone, but simple enough for your laptop, a computer that really fits into the mobility of your business.

Then, we have a camera. Cameras are incredibly important since as an event planner, you’re going to have to give your clients references on how past events you have planned have gone. Make sure to get a really good camera so you can really get every single happening in events you have planned shot in 4K.

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And finally, there’s the incredibly speedy WiFi. OK, so this is pretty much understood already. You’ll need the speedy mobile WiFi so that you can get full access to the apps and software you’ll need from your smartphone and laptop anytime, anywhere.

STARTER KIT TOOL #3. Kits within a Kit.

And finally, the last on our list: “kits within a kit”. We call this last tool by that name because, within your starter kit, you’ll need to prepare backup kits that will have you ready for about any possible occurrence within the event.

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The main kits that you’ll need are a (1) stationary kit filled with things like pens or pencils; (2) makeup kits for when you’re hosting events like sweet sixteen birthday parties or weddings; and of course, (3) the first aid kit for when any emergency on-site happens.

And that’s it! Those are all the tools that you’ll need in your event organizer business starter kit. Once you take note of all of that and make sure you have all of these tools or equipment, we’re sure that your event planning business will sail by smoothly. And when it does, you are bound to get the success you deserve. With that success, a huge load of customers will be guaranteed – maybe to a certain point that it could be too much for you to handle, but never fear for Bling is here! And who is Bling?

Well, Bling is a business-friendly platform that is set to be the perfect partner for you and your growing business. Packed with effective and easy-to-use customer relationship management tools such as Facebook and Instagram social media integrations, and an auto-populating CRM, things are bound to get even better and more organized for you. What’s even more amazing is that Bling has a business phone that you can personalize yourself so you could finally draw a line between your personal life and business life. The platform also has a never before seen feature called “Rate Your Customers” wherein you get to do exactly that – rate your customers – so that you and other businesses on the Bling platform can be safe from potential scams or irresponsible buyers.

Everything is just so fantastic, right? Well, what are you waiting for? Enjoy Bling-ing and Start your 7-day trial now!

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