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A Chat on Optimizing Success with Veriply COO Daniel Tsentsiper

Author: Ellice Dojillo
Date: August 1, 2022

Daniel Tsentsiper is the Founder and COO of Veriply, a start-up located in Berekely, California, that aims to assist and help small business owners manage their businesses’ cash flow through amazing features such as real-time updates on financial health, tips to improve cash flow, and instant alerts on financial issues or opportunities that your business may encounter. The company flexes how its simple and secure platform has been able to help so many business owners.

For a business that is set to help other businesses reach financial success, Veriply was able to reach its own success in building customer relationships through the use of Bling. We were able to have a little chat with Tsentsiper on how Bling has changed Veriply in so many ways.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Daniel Tsentsiper. I am the founder and COO of Veriply.

What were some of the challenges you had before using Bling?

For us, the importance is on sales and outreach. We’re looking for potential users and so, I’ve been pounding the phones and getting hold of potential leads and trying to convert them into paying users. And so, my biggest pinpoints as a founder and as someone in charge of sales is, “How do I create a strategy that’s scaleable and effective? And so, we’ve found that the solutions that we’ve been using – things like Google Sheets, the Notes [app] on your phone, and handwritten notes – they just don’t work. You often talk to a customer or potential customer two weeks ago and all of a sudden they start pounding your phone, trying to get a hold of you and you forget all of the important information and background on the customer.

What differences have you noticed with your business after using Bling?

Right off the bat, when I plugged my cellphone to Bling, I have essential platforms where I can keep track of when I spoke to the customer, what we spoke about, and what was the outcome of the call. It’s really made a world of a difference in terms of optimizing for my time and optimizing for success. And additionally, I cannot forget how amazing the team is and their support system and the customer service. Whenever I have a problem, I know I can call them up and they jump on the phone with me right away and help me either figure out how to use a certain feature or figure out what I can do in order to improve my current sales and outreach strategy, so if there’s any problems you might have or just wanna know how to optimize your own strategy and to use your tools to be more efficient, the Bling team is only an e-mail and a phone call away, so definitely make use of that.

Tell us one thing which you like the most about Bling?

Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with the Bling platform. I cannot wait and see where the company will be in a few months, in a few years and we will definitely be supporting them along this journey. So, take a look at Bling! They got a win from us and I wish them all the best.

Much like Daniel, you don’t have to worry about your business and your customer relationships becoming too complicated. Make your life with your business easy by using Bling!

Bling is a business-friendly platform equipped with the right tools that are incredibly manageable and easy to use such as an auto-populating CRM with Facebook and Instagram integrations With these customer relationship management tools, all your customers’ information from different channels can all be effectively organized and nothing has to be misplaced ever again and you won’t have to miss any message, comment, or any other engagements your customers make with you.

You can also say goodbye to having to use your personal phone for your business ever again as Bling also has a business phone you can personalize with an area code of your choice. Bling’s business phone is also packed with features like an auto-text responder so you won’t have to deal with the problem of missing calls from your customers ever again.

Finally, Bling changes the way the business world works through a never before seen feature. Now, customers aren’t the only ones who’ll have to rate businesses, because, with Bling, businesses can also get the chance to rate their customers in order to make other businesses within the Bling world aware of irresponsible buyers or possible scams.

Yes, with Bling, success and security are just at the tip of your fingers. So what are you waiting for? Join the Bling world and start your 14-day trial now!