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Get your business shining as the barriers to your success crumble down!

Hype Up Your Small Business and Break Down The Barriers!

Author: Ellice Dojillo
Date: March 28, 2022

Your small business can shine but these barriers block it before it can see the light of day.

If you're an owner of a small business who is trying to get by but can barely do so and thinking maybe that it's because you and your business are just not cut out for the world, you may want to think again. Every single business deserves to be in the spotlight and if your business just isn't there yet, it most likely has something to do with the common barriers small businesses have to deal with. If one of the barriers on this list is something you feel you're dealing with at the moment, then you have surely come to the right place! Because we're here to show you how to punch through and finally break those barriers to finally get the hype that your small business deserves.

Barrier #1. The Idea that Competition is “Bad”.

So many people have so many business ideas that they create into reality in so many different places in the same decade that it can be difficult to actually make a business idea that has never been seen before. Eventually, you are bound to find a business that sells the same products or services as you. Once you do, you've finally got yourself some competition.

Solution? While competition can bring up a lot of pressure and doubt, competition in the realm of business doesn't automatically mean that you have to feel down. In fact, if anything, when it comes to business, competition should be taken as a good thing. Restructure your thoughts and realize that you can actually contribute well to the economy thanks to that competition How? Well, with the competition you'll be thinking about how to improve the quality of your products or sell things at more affordable prices - factors that can be really helpful to the consumer population around the world. Oh, and another added bonus to the competition would be the motivation that you can get from it once you take it as a positive thing.

Barrier #2. Being Too Much of a Risk Taker.

It's true that to be a good business owner, you'll need to be a risk-taker. After all, business always comes with risks. But even so, that doesn't mean that you should blindly step into whatever risk and harbor that “I'll cross the bridge when I get there” attitude. If you take too many risks, your business may be at risk of crumbling.

Solution? Balance your risk-taking personality with methods that can also keep your business secure. List down all the problems that you have encountered or even may encounter in the future and find ways to be able to responsibly solve them.

Barrier #3. Old School Marketing Strategies.

Marketing strategies are so important when it comes to establishing business growth because they basically increase your customer reach and really get your business known! If you use incredibly old-fashioned marketing strategies, you are at risk of your business not getting the proper promotion.

Solution? Make use of technology and get the word out through all the social media platforms you know. Enlist family and friends to help you promote your business. Get to know the trending hashtags or things like SEO, aesthetic web designs, and attractive socials! Learn more about marketing by enrolling in courses that give the details on the new and more effective ways to do it or read books on consumer psychology! If you can implement all of this, then your business will grow even further!

Barrier #4. Failed Relationships with Customers.

Being unorganized can be really costly. If you don't manage the orders of your customers well, you are bound to get a dissatisfying rating. If you get dissatisfying ratings, your customer reach may fail to grow.

Solution? Organize! In a previous blog post, we've listed all the ways on how you can do so. Click here to know more! In addition to that, you can also solve all this and regain your customers by subscribing to Bling!

Bling is a helpful and friendly tool that is designed to keep all your Customer Communication in ONE place. With Bling, you can manage all the wants and needs of your customers easily and you wouldn't have to sweat about it! Start Bling-ing and say goodbye to this barrier of your small business!