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With A Great Number of Customers, Comes Great Responsibility

Author: Ellice Dojillo
Date: March 21, 2022

A big sea of customers can be a big thing for any business, but they can also bring some drastic issues if you don't handle your business' transition to sudden popularity well.

There is certainly no denying that all businesses are dying to be able to cater to huge volumes of customers. Having a ton of clients, after all, keeps a business afloat and alive. In addition to that, it just screams how much your business has gone through great heights and that you could achieve so much more success from it. But as good as having a load of customers is and how you could gain so much from it, there's also the notion that you could lose a lot of your business from it. After all, too much of one thing can be bad.

Here are all of the deets on the disadvantages you could supposedly get if you have a sudden big sea of customers rolling in. And if you wouldn't want to experience any of these or maybe can already identify with some of the disadvantages on this list, continue reading after to find out the key to solving all of them!

Disadvantage #1. Responding to Clients On Time Could Become Difficult.

Sending messages to respond to the orders or services subscribed to us to a few people here and there should be easy. Unfortunately, though, such a scenery tends to be unlikely when customers suddenly flood into our business. While it is true that you should always be thankful for the rush of customers, it's also important to recognize the downside that comes with such a blessing. With so many clients just coming in and in, you might not be able to find time to respond to them well or cater to their every need, most especially if you don't exactly have enough people to constantly check all the social media platforms of your business (with today's climate, we all need access to all of those sites). And if you aren't able to manage all those, you could be at risk of receiving ratings from unsatisfied customers. And if you keep receiving ratings from unsatisfied customers, your business could be at risk of falling down to the point that it could be too difficult to piece it all back together London Bridge style.

Disadvantage #2. There's More of a Chance You Might Deal with Untrustworthy Customers.

While trust is essential in any relationship, including in business, let's face the facts: the world can be a harsh place. And yes, while there are people who can trick small businesses, the chance of having untrustworthy customers who can cost you big time and have you and your business with the short end of the stick are significantly increased as your business continues to grow. It's not exactly a pretty sight and is definitely something you should always be prepared for.

Disadvantage #3. Trying to Keep on Track with Everything Can Feel Impossible.

Even if you were able to respond to all of your customers, it can be really difficult to keep track if you were able to really deliver the order or service they have been requesting for. Since you are only human, there's a high chance that you might experience times when you weren't able to exactly deliver the product properly, on time, or even at all. Feeling overwhelmed and not being able to keep things under control can lead you to spiral into intense stress and sadness (this is most especially if you're the type of person who just wants everything organized well).

So, What's the Key to Solving All These Problems?

As damaging and as true as these disadvantages may be, there is actually a way to never have to experience all this. That would be by subscribing to Bling

Bling is a business-friendly platform that is willing to help guide you and your business whilst you both walk into the journey of popularity and recognition! With Bling, you'll never ever have to worry about making sure things stay on track or getting to respond to your customers on time because all your customer communication is now in ONE single place. Moreover, you won't have to worry about dealing with difficult or untrustworthy customers ever either as Bling has designed this unique system of writing reviews on customers so that businesses within the Bling world can all be alarmed on which customer to trust and which to not.

Rest assured that with the platform, you can be able to achieve what you thought may have been unachievable as Bling will serve as the key to the doors of opportunities for your business

Trust your heart with Bling and have fun Bling-ing!